It is hard these days to picture New Wave, Synth Pop and Post Punk on German Television, but during the 80’s ofcourse, they dominated the airwaves, on such programs as Formel Eins, Rockpalast or in this case, Musik Convoy, which aired from 1984-1985,

Musik Convoy presented hot newcomers and great live acts and one of the better remains from the archives of that show is a semi live clip of New Order and Depeche Mode. Both were somewhat far away from the status they would eventually achieve – the Basildon boys just released their breakthrough hit People are People and New Order were bumming around creating their masterpiece Low-Life, touring to promote their second album Power, Corruption and Lies. And they did something no one else did on Musik Convoy before – they played live. While Depeche Mode visibly danced around to a backing track, Thieves Like Us was presented by New Order without backing tracks, a pure live experience which was very unusual for TV performances, a shocking for such a track as Thieves Like Us.

Funny enough, the paths of both bands have crossed occasionally later, mostly on the charts’ highest positions, both being considered two of the most important and best selling UK export acts and now both being label mates on Mute.

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