[dropcap]There[/dropcap] is a possible job opportunity in many of the songs contained in Morrissey’s Smiths, and solo back catalog. Something that Brian Brooks, who was integral in the creation of Emily The Strange, noticed and inspired by some lines of The Smiths and the Mozz, he created Morrissey Gets A Job – a hilarious outlook on what would have happened if – the name implies it – Morrissey actually got a job, and the misery that would inevitably ensue. The comics were included in a series of photocopied Rock’n’Roll coloring books and is rightfully considered a highly amusing classic. The singer’s bleak outlook on life and his view of the lives of the ordinary people makes him a perfect middle manager in every corporation you could possibly think of. He’d make a perfect example, honestly (Ricky Gervais take note).

These comics might be familiar to you if you’ve spent time on the internet though, the panels are modified from Ready-to-Use Office and Business Illustrations.

I think there should have been a followup panel to “How Soon is Now” stating that:

“I want to go home
I don’t want to stay
Give up cubicle employment
As a bad mistake”

Perhaps Morrissey should go back to University and become a Doctor…Dr. Mozz perhaps? (Hand in Glove, Some Girls are Bigger than Others, November Spawned a Monster, Girlfriend in a Coma, come on man…think about it…)

Dr. Mozz Copyright Alex Baker and Post-Punk.com

Special thanks to Dangerous Minds for originally sharing the comic!

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