Brazilian graphic artist Butcher Billy seems to be a Cure fan—and his fondness of Post Punk and Wave is not exactly a secret, considering his excellent take on Morrissey, This Charming Man Of Steel.

The Cure’s front man Robert Smith is certainly more adaptable to pop cultural references as Mozz, since he was honored in South Park in 1998, defeating Mecha-Streisand in his Moth-Ra incarnation, not without kicking Eric Cartman’s nuts (Roshambo!)—not to mention Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels that feature more than one character that drew a bit of inspiration (at least) from Robert Smith’s trademark look.

Previously unknown to me, The Cure song titles and lines make excellent captions for horror comics, but Butcher Billy is the one you should ask about inspiring stuff in graphic form. So let the excellent interpretations of Cure songs do the talking.


The Caterpillar


Close To Me

Killing an Arab

A Forest

Wrong Number

Pictures of You

Friday I'm in Love

Before we close this case, one question: Siouxsie Sioux, where are you? (Zoinks!)

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