Make this wound become a scar
When you wake up in tears
And you feel that kind presence
We’ll sit here
By the candle in silence

Montreal-based indie post-punk quartet The Ember Glows presents their new single ‘Silent Love’, out now. The track, a sonic exploration of steadfast love, the fragility of life and the power of silence, is a poignant fragment of an unconditional love and the patience and space needed for it to flourish. It’s the kind of love that sticks around when times are difficult, the love that sits in silence and lets you be authentic with yourself, and vice versa. It is a rarity; a precious gift between two souls.

“This song came about when my ex-girlfriend lost her father last year,” says frontman Martin Saint. “This is about how powerless one feels when a loved one mourns the loss of a close relative. The old clichés and platitudes won’t help but you still want to offer the gift of silence and love. Because it came from the heart, the song wrote itself.”

Boasting a classic guitar-driven New Wave psych sound, the simple hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitar interplay, and baritone vocals bring to mind Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, U2, The Mission, and The Associates.

Guitarist Richard Bunze elaborates on this song’s development, “After hearing the initial chord structure and vocal melody, I began playing a variation of my current guitar riff. I wanted it to sound wide and ethereal, with a driving gritty character and texture. I think we all added our own TEG stamp on this one!”

Listen to “Silent Love” below:

Formed in early 2019 by members of Montreal-based indie artists Room ControlREPOScene Noir and Citylake, The Ember Glows is Richard Bunze (guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (vocals and guitar) and Dan Stefik (drums). Long-time friends since their teenage years, personal chemistry and musical synchronicity brought them together as The Ember Glows.

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