Last week, British post-punk legends Modern English have unveiled a new socially distanced version of their classic 1982 hit single “I Melt With You,” with the band performing together separately over Zoom.

Atypical of Modern English’s more punk and avant-garde sound, “I Melt With You” is seemingly the most recognized post-punk song used in advertising—from selling various products such as cheeseburgers to M&Ms, but the true irony is that the song is really the surreal story of two lovers literally melting together during a nuclear holocaust.

As frontman Robbie Grey has previously explained:

“I don’t think many people realized it was about a couple making love as the bomb dropped. As they made love, they become one and melt together.”

Watch below:

Of the new version, frontman Robbie Grey said in a recent press release:

“We were all at our homes in the U.K. apart from Daniel (Jakubovic), who was in Los Angeles, and decided to film ‘I Melt With You’ to put a smile on people’s faces. We are aware of how much the song is loved and just thought a lockdown version would make people happy in these crazy times.”

Modern English are set to reissue the “I Melt With You” as a 12-inch single for the rescheduled Record Store Day on Oct. 24, and recently released reissues of their Mesh & Lace and After the Snow albums on both CD and vinyl with “reimagined” cover artwork by late 4AD designer Vaughan Oliver.

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