Cleopatra Records has recently reissued Ministry’s | Twelve Inch Singles – Expanded Edition.  This release is expanded from the original 8 tracks into a 17-song set, including the fantastic early track, that was never officially released, “Same Old Madness,”  Many would say that this is about time for this to happen, but strange it took so long, as this song has been often bootlegged, and even has a promotional video.

UPDATE: The version on this compilation is a strange mix that would understandably be disowned by Al Jourgensen, as it is a more New-Wave mix, with effects that would make the song “Revenge” sound like Slayer.  For a more in depth analysis, see this article at Dangerous Minds.

Tracklist: Ministry, Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984: Expanded Edition

1. “(Everyday Is) Halloween”
2. “Nature Of Love”
3. “All Day”
4. “Cold Life”
5. “Halloween Remix”
6. “Nature Of Love” (Cruelty Mix)
7. “All Day” (Remix)
8. “Cold Life Dub”

1. “Same Old Madness” (Previously Unreleased)
2. “Primental”
3. “I’m Falling”
4. “Nature Of Outtakes”
5. “I’m Falling” (Alternative Mix)
6. “Overkill”
7. “He’s Angry”
8. “Move” (Original Mix)
9. “Nature Of Love” (Cruelty Mix B)

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