In Heaven, Everything is Fine…

David Lynch’s Eraserhead, the film that launched his career, is the penultimate dark arthouse film.  Its overwhelming desolation was inspired by the works of Franz Kafka and Nikolai Gogol, and was originally only viewable at arthouse screenings or on the Midnight Movie circuit.  Fats Waller organs, and densely layered choruses of noisy soundscapes blanket the shadowy background of the cinema, bleeding into the mind,  and leading to the blurred boundaries of what is actually reality or the humming hallucinations of REM sleep.  The soundtrack was an experimental and industrial masterpiece that took Lynch and sound designer Alan Splet years to meliorate, and ultimately changed cinema forever. This edition of the soundtrack from Sacred Bones is expanded with an unreleased recording from Peter Ivers that has not been heard since it was originally performed, over three decades ago.

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