Minimal Synth Project More Ephemerol Mourns the loss of Human Connection in “HYPERNUMB” Featuring Margot Rhodes

C.Fjerstad of More Ephemerol has recently been contemplating the profound ways in which technology is transforming our lives, arguing that within the next decade, we may reach a point of no return in terms of its influence.

In this context, the captivating b-side “HYPERNUMB” emerges as a potent expression of these concerns. Although it didn’t make it onto the Apotheosis Pageant LP, the single holds its own with a vibrant, catchy sound. Much like the album’s single “Last Wave Calling,” HYPERNUMB not only delves into the sense of urgency surrounding rapid technological advances that will forever change humanity, but also examines the growing reliance on technology and its potential consequences on human connection, relationships, and creativity.

As technology, particularly artificial intelligence, continues to reshape our work, lives, and communication, it will also redefine economies and societies. Profound impacts will be felt across healthcare, transportation, supply chain management, and the arts. However, “HYPERNUMB” warns of the dangers of overdependence on technology, as it could threaten the essence of human connections and creative pursuits. By emphasizing the need for balance, the track seeks to prevent negative outcomes such as social isolation, diminished creativity, and deteriorating interpersonal relationships. The utopian dreams of technology often mask unforeseen challenges, and through this exceptional song, More Ephemerol captures the loneliness that may arise from this increasingly technocentric reality.

“HYPERNUMB is about seizing the day, or carpe-ing your DM’s, if you will,” Fjerstad quips.

Ultimately, the course of humanity will be shaped by how we choose to develop our rapidly growing technological advances, and a good crash course in caution is presented in this catchy number.

Listen to “HYPERNUMB” below:

HYPERNUMB features guest vocals by L.A. musician Margot Rhodes (Madeline Goldstein) and who is now pushing forward with her own fantastic new project, Mirror of Venus. The track was mixed and mastered by Jake Wagner.

The full LP, Apotheosis Pageant, will be released in May, and it will also be getting a vinyl release through Fjerstad’s own label, Ephemerol Night Terrors.

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More Ephemerol are currently on a short West Coast run of dates with Madeline Goldstein.

Check out the remaining dates below:

  • 03/25 – Portland, OR – Shanghai Tunnel Bar
  • 03/29 – Reno, NV – Holland Project
  • 03/30 – San Francisco, CA – The Knockout (w/ Automelodi)

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