How will AI change the way humanity creates and consumes music in the future? C. Fjerstad of More Ephemerol waxes poetic on the subject, asserting that we will never be able to return from AI’s influence within the next decade.

“It is very likely that this is the last wave of human art and creation in a multitude of ways, before it all turns far more niche than it’s ever been,” he says. “So, the time is now to embrace your creative passions and excel. The urgency is real.”

That very urgency inspired the prophetic “Last Wave Calling,” the latest track from Los Angeles synthwave duo. Diverging from their usual sound with this single, Last Wave Calling is more minimal wave in its tone and structure than the band’s usual fare. The song is eerie and melancholic pop, intended to be very contagious…like, perhaps, a virus. Its charming retro-futurism and hypnotic beat sweetens the palate for a more dire message of creative evolution, or potentially de-evolution.

Listen below, and ponder the future that awaits us all:

C. Fjerstad (VR Sex) and Tamara Sky echo the sentiments of early Human League, Fad Gadget, Heaven 17, and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, with further nods to Turquoise Days, and Oppenheimer Analysis.

The full LP, Apotheosis Pageant, will be released in May, and it will also be getting a vinyl release through Fjerstad’s own label, Ephemerol Night Terrors.

This March, more Ephemerol will be doing their first tour, a short West Coast run (with Madeline Goldstein). Here are the dates:

  • 03/16 – Los Angeles, CA – Rubycon Records
  • 03/18 – Arcata, CA – The Miniplex
  • 03/19 – Eugene, OR – TBA
  • 03/21 – Seattle, WA – Clock-Out Lounge
  • 03/25 – Portland, OR – Shanghai Tunnel Bar
  • 03/29 – Reno, NV – Holland Project
  • 03/30 – San Francisco, CA – The Knockout (w/ Automelodi)

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