Mickey Dagger’s new track, “Past Life” featuring Athena, is the introduction to the new Samo Records compilation, Spiral. With “airy Tangerine Dream new beat styles”—as the Montreal-based italo and EBM producer who has released on Giallo Disco would describe it—is a slow burn with atmospheric loops and airy vocals. Spiral includes other tracks from artists Montessori & Korsssakov (Ombra International), Etane (Sulk Magic), Chase Smith & Karl (WT Records), BarumBarum (Sinchi), Barney In The Tunnel Feat Kim Little (Tunnel Signs + Kato – Ca$hminus), Birds (Hoga Nord) and label head Facets. The release, out December 4th, is quirky and danceable, retaining a rawness that is perfect for grimy, dark basements full of dancing bodies.

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