Melburnian singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and frontman from Berlin-based post-punk/noise-rock Band Heads, Ed Fraser, is set to release his 6 track debut solo album Ghost Gums via This Charming Man Records on Friday.

Exploring somber themes of loss and romance, Ghost Gums was recorded over one week in Berlin with a dynamic band including Spike Rogers on drums and Rosa Mercedes on bass, plus guest musicians including Paul Seidel and Peter Voigtmann of seminal German band The Ocean.

Now, following the debut of “Swallow”, Fraser has unveiled his video for “Tempest”, which is a beautiful of a barrage of dark elemental imagery featuring a nymph-like woman in both wood and water, perhaps alluding to the character Ariel from Shakespeare’s play, with artful text overlays augmenting the haunted introspection of the lyrics and melody., altogether capturing the deep sincerity of some of the best Alternative rock circa 1991.

Watch “Tempest” Below:

Ghost Gums‘ ghostly artwork designed by Australian artist Luke Fraser (Amyl & The Sniffers, John Frusciante), and mixed and mastered in Stockholm by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna, Heads.)

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