Cape Town-based post-punk/shoegaze band Dangerfields have unveiled their beautiful dreamlike video for “No Sunlight”, a track culled from their upcoming album Echoes & Pulses.

The song combines ethereal harmonies not unlike those used by Neil Halstead on Slowdive’s first three albums, along with the fervent melancholy of The Cure during their Disintegration-era, but sonically more sedate and sombre, as if the wind has calmed after a long storm. Perhaps “No Sunlight” is the eye of this storm—part of an album “filled with ruminations on pain, love, hope, and loss, as well as medical imagery”.

“Most of the album was written while I was very sick and unsure whether I would survive my condition. I wanted to create something that was as raw and honest as possible so that if I didn’t survive I would be able to leave behind something which contained an essence of truth, wrapped up in all my favourite kinds of cathartic noise,” says Lucas Swart, vocalist, and guitarist.

The music video was directed by Barry de Villiers of Roundabout Films, along with cinematographer Paul Michael Charles.

“The video is a metaphorical journey and can be interpreted in many ways. On the surface, a sick man is lost in a post-apocalyptic limbo dreamscape, where nature is dominant. He is closely followed and watched by a mysterious, angelic figure. The subject matter is dark and serious, but set in remarkable beauty… which I feel makes it all the more heartbreaking, or all the more hopeful… whichever way the viewer is inclined to interpret it,” says Barry, a close friend and collaborator of the band.

Watch the video for “No Sunlight” below:

Dangerfields have been performing since 2016 and include members of Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ South African line-up.

Echoes & Pulses is currently available exclusively on vinyl:

The full album will be released on all streaming platforms on September 27th.

The album cover, designed by Adam Hill, contains a photograph taken by Mark Reitz in front of Grootte Schuur Hospital and features a lighting installation titled “The End”, created by Miranda Moss.

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