Mark Reeder is a historic figure in the Post-Punk scene. Leaving Manchester for Berlin back in 1978, he became  Factory Records German representative—promoting the label’s bands, such as A Certain Ratio and Joy Division, the latter of which he setup the final gig of their European tour at Kant Kino on January 21st 1980—which went on to be the inspiration for the song Komakino.

Mark also worked as a sound engineer and managed Malaria!, and had Nick Cave stay with him when the Bad Seed moved to Berlin. Mark also was part of the group Die Unbekannten, which would later changed it’s name to Shark Vegas, and the band would go on to tour Europe with New Order.

There is too much to talk about involving Mark’s many adventures in the Music scene—so much so in fact, that a documentary about his life titled B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989 had to be made.

In our interview above, one of our Editors Thomas Thyssen spoke with Mark about his latest album Mauerstadt, which is the followup to his 2014 release Collaborator (a record which contain the original version of Crystal, that would later go on to be the New Order hit).

Mauerstadt contains 2 distinct reworkings of New Order tracks which include the The Game, and Academic, along with the fantastic In Sight featuring The KVB, along with collaborations with Inspiral Carpets, Ekkoes, Queen of Hearts, MFU, and  Maja Pierro.


1.Mark Reeder – “In Sight” (with The KVB)
2.Mark Reeder – “Mmm Mmm Mmm Ahhh” (with MFU – Umm & Arrggh remix)
3.Mark Reeder – “United” (with Queen Of Hearts – Bonded By Sadness mix)
4.Mark Reeder – “Electricity” (with Ekkoes – Power Surge mix)
5.Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro – “Broken Hearts”
6.New Order – “Academic” (Mark Reeder akademixx)
7.The Inspiral Carpets – “You’re So Good For Me” (Like A Tonic remix)
8.Mark Reeder – “Giant Mushrooms” (radioactive Fall Out mix)
9.Mark Reeder – “Suicide” (with Queen Of Hearts – Killer Queen mix)
10.Mark Reeder – “Mauerstadt” (extended RIAS mix)
11.Mark Reeder – “Heartbeat” (with Ekkoes – Heart Throb mix)
12.Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro – “If You Love Me Tonight” (Mark Reeder Will Love You Tomorrow remix)
13.New Order – “The Game” (Mark Reeder Spielt Mit version)

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