Two years after the tragic death of singer Nick Marsh from cancer, Flesh For Lulu are finally having their debut LP reissued after 30 years.

The eponymous album is part of a of a new double-CD set titled The Polydor Years, which also includes the popular Roman Candle EPplus various b-sides, remixes, rarities and BBC sessions for Janice Long, Kid Jensen and John Peel.

The self titled LP was originally released in 1984 through Polydor and featured the  singles Subterraneans and Restless.

Poor sales however, had the band dropped by the label in 1985, where in the interim, Flesh For Lulu then went on to release the Blue Sisters Swing EP, Big Fun City on smaller indie labels. In 1987 the band would go on to sign to Beggars Banquet and scoring college radio success with the single I Go Crazy—which was on the Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack.

The Polydor Years is set for release through Caroline International on September 1st.

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Full tracklisting….

Disc: 1
1. Restless
2. Dog Dog Dog
3. Hyena
4. Coming Down
5. Jigsaw Puzzle
6. Subterraneans
7. Brainburst
8. Peace And Love
9. So Strong
10. Heavy Angel
11. Restless (Kid Jensen Session)
12. Dog Dog Dog (Kid Jensen Session)
13. Lame Train (Kid Jensen Session)
14. Hyena (Kid Jensen Session)
15. Black Tattoo (Janice Long Session)
16. Cat Burglar (Janice Long Session)
17. Peace And Love (Janice Long Session)
18. Endless Sleep (Janice Long Session)

Disc: 2
1. Dancer (John Peel Session)
2. Walk Tired
3. Missionary
4. Spy In Your Mind
5. Roman Candle
6. Coming Down (Original Version)
7. Lame Train
8. The Power Of Suggestion
9. Roman Candle (Extended Mix)
10. Subterraneans (Metro Mix)
11. Why Me?
12. Gurl At The Bar
13. Endless Sleep
14. Ten Foot Tall
15. Cat Burglar
16. Cat Burglar (12″ Version)


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