Massachusetts duo Swan Princess Project have unveiled their video for “So It Goes”—the maudlin closing number for their album 10 Years.

Stevie Fitzpatrick and Sam Checkoway (both Sleeping Patterns) have been playing music together for more than over a decade in various outfits. (Currently, Checkoway also plays drums for Born Without Bones, Super American, and oldsoul.) Swan Princess is the culmination of experimenting with new sounds and instruments. The video pays homage to a long friendship and creative collaboration, enduring throughout highs and lows alike.

“So It Goes is dear to me because I wrote it as a solo acoustic track that I didn’t ever plan on releasing,” says Fitzpatrick. “Usually I have written lyrics over guitar parts someone else wrote, but I think I write lyrics best when I have written the guitar…I was in quite a depressive state when I wrote the lyrics and mentally I have written songs in dark places before, but this song was a doozy. In more simple terms, it’s mainly about the heartbreak of young love  – but the lyrics are also just a reflection of what was bothering me in my life.”

The music video for So It Goes – a nice nod to Kurt Vonnegut – was filmed and directed by Jake Checkoway, using old clips of the friends playing music and “goofing around” between 2004-2007. “We hope that the visualization of us playing so long ago and still doing it today can inspire others to always stick to pursuing their dreams,” Fitzpatrick concludes.

Watch the video for “So It Goes” below:

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