Ever sit on the subway, or take a walk somewhere, imagining you’re the main character in a music video?

Lvcie.Fire takes this concept and rides with it – quite literally. A passion project created with a desire to support other bands without the usual rigamarole of the music industry, the idea is simple: playing underground artists while riding a bike in Berlin (and beyond). Think a Peloton session, but chill. (Or coldwave.)

Lvcie.Fire is a passion project that stands for leftist artist·x with feminist, Antifa, anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ and social change beliefs. The goal of Lvcie.Fire is to promote – free of charge – underground artist·x, whatever their origins or gender. The project features dark music genres such as darkwave, post-punk, synthwave, experimental, noise, and queercore.

“I then post the ride on social media to promote them and build a ‘svbcvlt family’ with like-minded bands.”

You can find the latest episode featuring Night Nail below.

If this is something you’d like to participate in, Lvcie.Fire is looking for collaborators and eager to promote those who need some ears listening to their tunes. You can follow them below:

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