The cinematic soundscape of Pennsylvania-based producer, LUNACY, is rife with intensity. Awash in a fuzzy haze, the new single, “Dust,” combines the impact of cold drum machines with a foggy, atmospherical cacophony of instrumentation that thrashes with emotion. Both mysterious and completely exposed, LUNACY’s newest track recalls the experimentative electronics of In The Nursery alongside the confrontational industrial leanings of The Klinik.

While “Dust,” as LUNACY explains, “explores themes of starting over while being reminded of the past that’s constantly following behind and never seems to leave,” the video for the song is an acid-colored, grainy VHS collage of faceless figures. Is it a stain on the memory—one that will always exist? Or will it eventually fade and turn to dust, as all living things do?

Watch the video below:

LUNACY, that began in 2016, is described as a “dystopian shadow figure” and rightly so. With a sound that varies between shoegaze, minimal synth, post-punk and industrial, the project pulls from 80s and 90s post-apocalyptic films. The intrigue and strange hopelessness within LUNACY is a genre all on its own.

“Dust” is the first single off LUNACY’s upcoming LP, Echo in the Memory, that is set to come out on April 15, 2022 via Dedstrange, Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers / Death By Audio) new label. The single will also be available on 7″ vinyl at live shows this fall with Mvtant and Twin Tribes.

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