Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys have slipped into that soft space between wake and sleep in the video for “Digging A Hole”—the latest single from Lucy Kruger’s upcoming release, Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls.

The track embodies the intimate and gently interrogative nature of the record. The song was one of the last to be written for the album and reveals an attempt to open up followed by an inevitable withdraw. A bowed cello and a wavering tempo form a slow drifting, sometimes sinking dreamscape.

Though the album is called Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls, the music feels like lullabies for Nick Drake, as Lucy treads the same deep waters as the folk-pop singer from the late 60s and early 70s, utilizing her voice and acoustic guitar to delicate effect—where the volume is performed in a soft tactile caress of fingers on skin or fretboard.

The video was produced and created by Lucy Kruger & Hankyeol Lee shortly after Lucy moved to Berlin from South Africa in the middle of 2018. The displacement of moving to a new country and trying to find a way to belong/get lost seems very fitting to the subject matter of the song. Something intimate but slightly alien.

Watch the video below:

Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls will be available through Unique Records on the 27th of September.

Order the album here.

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys will be playing a few launch shows in Germany in support of the release.

  • 25.9 – Duisburg (Djäzz)
  • 26.9 – Düsseldorf (Kassette)
  • 28.9 – Raum 1 (Hamburg)
  • 29.9 — Noch Besser Leben (Leipzig)
  • 1.10 – Roter Salon (Berlin)

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