There are countless love songs composed by goth and post-punk artists, so much so that some state outright that they indeed love songs, are not in fact love songs, or are even specifically a Gothic Love Song.

For this Valentine’s Day, we compiled a list of some of the classics that have been used on mixtapes and playlists since the 80s and 90s.

Naturally, we have omitted any entries into this list that might encourage your partner to give you a suspicious look, and wonder if you actually listen to the lyrics of the song you are trying to seduce them with.

Trust me—many tracks suggested to us as being love songs are in fact about death, heartache, and quite often illicit substances and affairs.

And sometimes these songs are cynical and existential inquiries wondering “Who Knows What Love Is”?

Or maybe, as quite often is the case for Nick Cave, lyrics actually depict the murder of the recipient of said “affections.”

But that is not the case with this list. This is saccharin sugary romance at its finest.


“The Love Cats”

“Just Like Heaven”

Most of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, especially One More Time.


and most of Disintegration as well.

Siouxsie and The Banshees

The most romantic Siouxsie and the Banshees song is “The Last Beat of My Heart.”

With “Slowdive” being extremely sexual.

…as well as “Melt!”

The Glove

“Punish Me With Kisses”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

“Into My Arms”

Echo and The Bunnymen

“Lips Like Sugar”

“The Killing Moon”

Depeche Mode

“Shake the Disease”


Dead Can Dance

“In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated”

Clan of Xymox



New Order

“The Perfect Kiss”

Peter Murphy

“All Night Long”

“Strange Kind of Love”

This Mortal Coil

“Song To The Siren”

Tears for Fear

“Head Over Heels”

Modern English

“I Melt With You”




“Chains of Love”

The Psychedelic Furs

“Love My Way”

The Smiths

“Hand In Glove” (One of the best gay love songs of all time!)

“There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”

The Jesus and Mary Chain

“Just Like Honey”

Kate Bush

“Hounds of Love”

My Bloody Valentine

“Never Say Goodbye”

The Damned

“Shadow of Love”

Virgin Prunes

“Pagan Love Song”

The Stranglers

“La Folie”

Not A Love Song

PIL’s “This Is Not A Love Song”

Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

The Sisters Of Mercy’s “Valentine”

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