Philadelphia based Dark Folk project Destroying Angel are set to followup 2016’s Conversations With Their Holy Guardian Angel, with the release their new LP Sentiment and Grace this April.

The title track for the LP is a surreal phantasmagoria that conjures the same atmosphere of a cinematic folk tale adaptation from the 70s.

Watch the video below:

The “Sentiment and Grace was written through out late 2015 into 2016 and finally finished, recorded and mixed by January of 2017. At some point during rehearsals and recording it occurred to us that water was a recurring theme in the music. Not in words necessarily but in the shifting, indefinite nature of water. Its constantly moving and changing. Water also came to mind in light of Lindsay giving birth to Wyatt Gaynor. And most of all- Change. Members have come and gone since the first Lp and the environment around us both politically and meteorologically is changing and growing more and more unstable. So, this album is dedicated to change because what else? Change is inevitable. Through change we can only hope to come out the other end wiser and better prepared. If not, then what?” – Tony Cesa

Sentiment and Grace comes out on April 20th, 2018  in a Limited edition of 300 copies worldwide on three different colored vinyl
100 Green / 100 Black / 100 Green & Purple.

Gatefold jacket includes 24″ x 36″ poster.

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