Los Angeles industrial trio Fact Pattern unlocks their powerful and emotionally raw new track, Generating Keys. The doom grunge throwback combines elements of metal with lush landscapes and atmospheric textures. Generating Keys takes a harrowing journey into “the mind of someone desperately struggling to dismantle the systems of oppression in the world,” says the band. “Meanwhile, a simultaneous battle rages within themselves to reconcile their own internal conflicts and trauma.”

Fact Pattern, comprised of Ian Flux, Jack Lowd, and Corey Hirsch, manages to meld those mid-90s inspirations and bring them into the 21st century.

Likening the darkness of the human psyche to the destructive forces of computer malware, the accompanying lyric video combines the frustrating electronic visuals of a good old-fashioned kernel panic and a glitchy X-Files opener taped twenty-five years ago on VHS. If vapourwave has a shadow self, Fact Pattern has deftly tapped into its sound. It is anguished, and it is earnest. Solid stuff from Fact Pattern.

Watch the video for “Fact Pattern” below:

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