Los Angeles synth-duo More Ephemerol have unveiled their new single “Cult Classics”, a minimal wave track infused with the sound of legacy acts such as Experimental Products, The Modern Mannequins, Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, and early Human League.

Cult Classics discusses the human desire to be accepted into groups of individuals who we feel completely outside of, or invisible to,” the band describes. “The lyrics focus on intrigue and the raw sort of vulnerability within this rather universal desire.

The song was engineered By Matia Simovich (Inhalt) At Infinite Power Studios, and the track is out now through Blank City Records.

Listen below:

More Ephemerol’s personnel consists of members Sea Fjerstad and the infamous Tamara Sky. Previously, the project had issued the LP, Fractal Bath, an experimental vehicle from the creative compositions by Sea, but the direction has shifted, and now with the addition of Sky’s vocals, More Ephemerol as a strictly analog synth duo, authentically capturing the warm sound of nearly 40 years ago.

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