Joy Division have unveiled a sixth video commemorating the 40th anniversary of their debut LP Unknown Pleasures. The latest video for “New Dawn Fades” continues the collaborative project “Unknown Pleasures: Reimagined”, which is helmed by the band’s visual coordinator, Warren Jackson, and Control’s producer Orion Williams, seeing 10 directors create a “filmic re-imagining of the music in 2019” for every track on the record that was originally released 40 years ago on June 15th, 1979.

The campaign is similar to the one initiated in 1988 along with the Substance compilation, that saw director Anton Corbijn create the video for “Atmosphere”, a single whose re-release at the time marked eight years since the end of Joy Division.

The video for “New Dawn Fades” is directed by American contemporary artist and photographer Todd Hido, whose work on this video alludes to his Hitchcockian influences, and penchant for photographing female models in interior settings.

In this case, the setting being the proverbial blue hotel on a lonely highway—a theme often attributed to the works of David Lynch.

Watch the video for “New Dawn Fades” below or directly on Youtube.

Earlier in 2019, Joy Division released a limited edition 40th anniversary version of Unknown Pleasures, almost forty years to the day after the album’s original release. The re-release has caused the LP to enter the UK Top 5 album again, even though the record failed to chart upon its original release.

The album is available to purchase online and in-store at retailer Goodhood.

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