Los Angeles-based but global in spirit, Noble Savage describes themselves as “a musical entity that has grown feeding on feelings, experiences, fears and imagination, counterculture, post-punk, and sonic gloom.” Their passion is focused on escaping the corporatist monsters of the music industry.

“It seems unbelievable, but even today, in the age of hyper-communication, much of what is most valuable in contemporary music remains hidden in the shadows, in the dark,” they remark.

True to the band’s totem, the symbol for Mercury, they live in constant evolution. Their new single, “Your Dance,” puts forth a forceful, intense darkwave rhythm with a penetrating, deep voice.

The mastermind of the group is renowned director Hari Sama, and the video for “Your Dance” is a stunning interpretative hypothesis of the song. A David & Goliath tale; a revenge story of relentless bullying; a metaphor for the industry itself against indie artists. In this video, they combine ecstatic dance and fire as a liberating exorcising element.

Watch the video for “Your Dance”  below:

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