Dream Pop Act Lore City weave azure ethereal wonder with the unveiling of the track “Into Your Blue”, a song featured on their new album, Alchemical Task. The track, Into Your Blue, is aptly described as “a sky-sized, euphoric dream-pop serenade”, that sounds like a song culled from the glorious mid-80s catalog of 4AD.

Listen to “Into Your Blue”, below:

The release of Alchemical Task marks a new epoch for Lore City. Six years following since their last release, 2014’s Kill Your Dreams, and subsequent move to Portland, Oregon; Lore City have crafted six new songs to carry off listeners on a journey through the atmosphere and into the aether.

“This album expresses how we are spiritual beings having a human experience—that’s our alchemical task.” explains Laura, of Lore City, who goes on to describe the album thus:

Alchemical Task album statement:

“Over there, plans were made to come here, knowing it’s an erasure. A divvying up. Alone and together. In the playing of the game, tied up in knots of forgetting. Yet the wheel always turns back ‘round, opening a remembrance. Archetypal processes maneuvering through infinite combinations, falling into lockstep. A transmutation of energy. The sounds of memory, the colors shimmering, the symbols appearing. Experiencing subjectivity through the daily dulling, we are the universal to-do list. The only way is through.”

Alchemical Task is due out October 6, 2020, via LP and digital-download/streaming.

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