Canadian Post-Punk Act ultrviolence reminds us of the need to look after ourselves with “Self Care”, the first official single featured on the Nate Jespersen helmed project’s forthcoming full-length studio album Sally Would Say.., due out on September 25th—just in time for the autumn.

Self Care is a sonorous alt-rock driven track, led in by acoustic guitar that gives way to vocals that evoke something akin to if Eddie Vedder were to retreat to the mountains to record a record for Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Ride, era Creation Records.

As Jespersen explains:

“Self Care was my breakaway song. I wrote it when I chose to turn my back on nihilism and anarchy and help myself. I was in a bad place for a long time and this song is my anthem for trying to make the world around me better.”

Listen to “Self Care” below:

It’s been several years since the world heard from the acclaimed Canadian darkwave/post-punk project ultrviolence, but there’s good reason for the absence. In the intervening years, founding member and primary songwriter Nate Jespersen made the move from his native Calgary to the rural landscape of Okanagan, in British Columbia.

From his newfound mountain home in the semi-arid working-class soul of the region, Jespersen began in serene isolation, writing and recording the new 14 track ultrviolence album Sally Would Say.. The resulting record is an emotional, painful, and ultimately inspirational trek that illustrates the resilience of the human condition.

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