London artist Vincent Christ puts his feelings on the front burner with his irreverent songs informed by intense new wave, art-rock and post-punk. With “Bodies”, the latest single from his Galore EP, Vincent Christ moves out of his usual realm of raucous art rock and takes a more introspective spin.

An outlier on the album, “Bodies”, is a pensive ballad about the fragility of the body, and the strength of the spirit. Channeling Bowie (particularly China Girl), The Horrors, and S.C.U.M., this gorgeous, emotional track is accompanied by a DIY video memento mori of sorts. The succession of dream visions in the monochromatic offering is bolstered by Vincent Christ’s crooning, reminiscent of Dave Vanian of The Damned and Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club. He tones it down a notch with this song, opening up a vulnerability that spawns a deep emotional connection.

“Bodies is the most honest and essential song I’ve ever released, says Vincent Christ. “I can’t tell you specifically what it’s about, it’s too personal.”

No need. The track itself hits its mark. Sometimes the words need to transcend through the power of sound.

Watch the video for “Bodies” below:

Galore‘ contains five alluring nuggets brimming with affirmative lyrical content and an experimental glam guitar sound that convey Vincent Christ’s aims of art rock deconstruction and raucous positivity. Additional contributions come from drummer Louis Clark and mix engineer Monty Carlos, who bring analogue energy to match Vincent’s sardonic streak. Vincent, a former hip-hop producer turned post-punker, has proven prolific in the last 12 months, cranking out truly remarkable music on his own terms.

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