Belgian post-punk act Roza Parks return with their brand new single “First We Kiss”, a bombastic groove of wavy guitars and punchy drum and bass lines that propel the track into forward with an anthemic vocal hook augmented by the well-shot cinematography of the track”s accompanying music video.

Regarding the song, the band explains:

“First we kiss” is about dealing with life’s unpredictable journey, the toll it takes on the psyche and the loss of sense of direction throughout the years. At the same time it’s just three minutes of music, and could it be an ironic paranoid Monty Python-esque version of the 100 yards of people with no sense of direction…”

About the video they add:

“The video was shot without any script at all, which might make sense when you look at it. We just wanted to make something absurd and illogical, just as life is to us. At the same time, we are a bunch of slackers in the highest degree, so if there was a script we probably would not have stuck to it.”

Watch the video below:

ROZA PARKS are Dennis Boonen (guitar), Joris Thys (drums), Bart Vliegen (bass) and Roel Vanbuel (vocals, guitar)

After a full cd (2013) and an EP (2017) Roza Parks”s  “First We Kiss” is leading to a slightly new and more electronic sound for a full album to come at the end of 2020.

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