Barcelona-Based post-punk band Paranormales have released their debut single For Cleopatra Records.

The band is the uniquely creative project of J. Carlos Delgado (bass, synths, vocals), Ana Ruiz (vocals, keys), David Toro (guitar) and Diogo Santos (drums). The quartet first came together in 2016 and issued their first album Belona a year later followed by the 2019 remix EP Juno. 2020 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band as they have partnered with US indie giant Cleopatra Records, who will release the band’s second full-length album Contra this summer.

For now, the band offers a sneak peak of the what’s coming with the release of “Vértigo,” the album’s first single. Produced by Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon / Boy Harsher), “Vértigo” is described by the band as “a stab that goes deep into the wounds left by stories that never close. A circular story in which the protagonists tirelessly lose themselves over and over again. There are events that chain us and make us lose our sense of balance, as if we had drunk more than we should. Vertigo causes a continuous and involuntary sensation of movement to which the objects around us also add.”

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