New London based dark punk band Qlowski have revealed their catchy old school infused track “Needle”, the final song of four to be featured on the Pure As Fear 7 inch EP released by Maple Death Records.

Pure As Fear is the band’s second release, with the first having been previously lauded by Bandcamp as being one of the best releases of 2016, with writer Jes Skolnik remarking that the band, with their “Shifty rhythms, circuitous bass-and-guitar interplay, feedback bridges” write music that teeters on the edge between light and dark, twee and death-rock.”

We definitely see echoes of Television Personalities, as some would suggest, and other vintage post-punk melodies in the vein of Stiff Records’ classic roster on “Needle, which summons torrent of sonic anachronisms that to our ears can best be described as a fusion of James Chance and the Contortions overlaid with a Peter Hook bass line.

Listen below:

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