La-based dream pop duo Chasms have just announced their long-awaited third LP, The Mirage, due out on Felte on February 22nd, 2019. We’re honored to feature the first single from the LP, “Shadow,” an epic, hypnotic piece that’s every bit as captivating as we had hoped.

The Mirage sees the band exploring a sea of influences, tapping into the dubbed-out electronic soundscape of bands like Bowery Electric, Seefeel, or even latter-era Love Spirals Downwards, pushing the boundaries of dream pop as we know and love it. “Shadow” kicks off the LP, and sets the perfect tone for the album’s tranced-out bliss. Shannon Sky Madden’s bass cuts deep grooves across a percussive landscape, while Jess Labrador’s vocals float above the din, in a dream-like call and response pattern with her sparsely sprinkled guitar work. The song hardly feels as long as it is- swimming in surrealist soundscapes for just over seven minutes of blissed-out beauty.

In the years between releases, Chasms have survived a series of unfortunate events, channeling personal tragedies and loss into a masterful piece of work. As such, The Mirage is reflective, powerful, and magnetic, navigating the spaces between heartbreak with care and passion seldom heard.

The LP was engineered by Lauren Grubb (Topographies) & Claire Morison, mixed by Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, ex-live member of Nine Inch Nails) and mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri. The album also closes with a re-worked version of “Divine Illusion,” which appeared this year as a stand-alone digital single.

Check out the artwork and track listing for The Mirage, complete with pre-order info:

Chasms- The Mirage
1. Shadow
2. Every Heaven In Between
3. Deep Love Deep Pain
4. Gratuitously Cruel
5. No Savior
6. Tears In The Morning Sun
7. The Mirage
8. Divine Illusion (Rework)
9. Divine Illusion (Bonus Track)

Pre-order via Bandcamp

Photo by Jess Garten

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