LA-based artist and musician Josh Mills has been readying his debut LP as Missions, a heavily-infused electronic project with flourishes of synth wave and italo disco. Subcreature is due out via Holodeck, and we’re honored to premiere the second single from LP, the slinky, nocturnal “Spoken.” Listen below:

Mills, who not only has worked with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (SURVIVE, Stranger Things), but who also moonlights as producer and bandmate for Lou Rebecca’s highly anticipated debut LP, has been honing his craft for some time now, poised and ready to strike. On “Spoken,” Mills taps into the seedier side of the electronic spectrum, lacing the track with copious amounts of synth hooks, a throbbing electronic bassline, precise drum programming, and a vocal line sung entirely through vocoder. Naturally, fans of the Italians Do It Better catalogue as well as the slower, syrupy, cinematic side of the italo spectrum will find much to love in Mills’ and Missions’ soundscape, and the track is perfect counterpart to the long summer nights ahead.

Subcreature is due out on August 2nd as both a digital download and on both vinyl and cassette, all via Holodeck Records. Missions will also be performing live in LA at The Echo with BOAN and Din on August 8th, celebrating the album’s release. Click here for details, and check below for the full album track listing and artwork:

Missions- Subcreature
1. Truther
2. Slime
3. Spoken
4. Dark Blak
5. Subcreature
6. Feelin’
7. Confused
8. Splash
9. M’aidez
10. Glimmer

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