All my dreams are dissenting
Can I make it before the world is ending?
Red on my cheeks an innocent liar
Slaved by the rhythm, paid by the hour

The newest serving of the Berlin-based Ombra INTL record label’s compilation series, titled Vicissitude & Valour, continues in its uncovering of talented artists and producers from around the world. And the Finnish born Obi Blanche is no different. With his track, “Paid/h” Obi Blanche makes his debut on the label with a tongue-in-cheek song that, on the surface, feels light and upbeat. However, the lyrics that touch upon the grind and hustle of everyday life—and the eventual moment when dreams succumb to reality.

All I wanted to play—is my guitar, all I wanted to be—a rock n roll star, he sings as the kraut-punk guitar wails overtop a slow galloping beat. As a member of the Anika band and Thomas Azier, Obi Blanche channels his time in fringe electronic scenes with “Paid/h” while paying reverence to his guitar foundation in its references to 1960s Europop. With dub-inspired elements of The Pop Group or anything Jah Wobble-related, the song is a refreshing take on the genre with its acid-tinged hooks.

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Vicissitude & Valour is out digitally on November 12th.
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