Manchester-based post-punk act Xup has just released their sixth studio album “Feed The Wolf Inside”, a ferally ferocious collection of ten biting tracks released just in time for the late River Phoenix’s 50th birthday.

Led in by the rhymic fuzz-laden percussive groove’s of the single “Cut You Open”, released this past July, the rest of the album has an experimental bite to it, mainly due to Xup’s own she-wolf Lane’s old-school post-punk shrieks and no-wave howls, weaving their way between her minimalistic use of a mustang bass, telecaster, and drums.

Xup’s Lane describes the album’s nature and themes as such:

Feed The Wolf Inside is a primal creature that shape-shifts between predator and prey and dances between the chase and the kill. It creeps into birth, life, death, and all the sick and twisted love songs that fill the deep, dark spaces in between.”

Listen to the album below:

Pronounced “zoop”, XUP, features Lane, the former bassist and founding member of The Chelsea Girls (a band who would go on to become the Nine Black Alps), Wolfie, and legendary uber post-Sonic Manchester punks Strap Ons. Lane began to record and perform as XUP in London back in 2008 and in 2015, relocated her project back to Manchester, continuing her post-punk explorations in the town where it all began.

Xup’s Feed The Wolf Inside is out now on Cherry Vitriol Records. All songs are written, arranged, and produced by XUP, and were recorded at the start of the apocalypse at Cherry Vitriol Studios, Manchester.

Additional sound production by Him In That London. Art, design, and photography by XUP.

The LP is available on limited edition vinyl, and on various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. The physical and digital download copies both include a 15-page e-book with liner notes, lyrics, and cover art.

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