Texas’ synth scene is alive and well, and the latest offering from Dallas based composer Jake Schrock is testament to the thriving movement.

“Tropical Depression,” the second single and title track from Schrock’s long-anticipated debut record, is six minutes of driving synth bliss, unraveling into an analogue frenzy of smooth rhythms, big synth leads, and warm pads that call Tangerine Dream, Cluster, and fellow close friends and former classmates S U R V I V E to mind. There’s a healthy dose of passion on display throughout the immaculately composed “Tropical Depression,” which perfectly balances big cosmic hooks and deep atmospheric passages to a powerful, intoxicating effect.

Tropical Depression is due out on Holodeck Records on July 27th, via limited edition cassette and digital download. Check out the full track listing and artwork below:

Jake Schrock- Tropical Depression
1. Surface Data
2. Cosmic Ocean
3. Hyperphysics
4. Progress
5. Tropical Depression
6. Pressure Change
7. Cerebral Shelter

Preorder via Bandcamp.

Photo by Jake Schrock.

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