Ahead tomorrow’s release of Oracle the debut album from The Column, we are streaming the eclectic post-punk album in its entirety.

Visual artist Reuben Sawyer; who also has his work with Chelsea Wolfe and for his other indie projects such as Hollow Sunshine & Dry Insides on his curriculum vitae, has with this solo release brought forth a warm lo-fi retro sound, that you could insist to the the casual listener that The Column had been unearthed from an obscure record collection circa 1985-1988.

In a recent interview with Cvltnation, Sawyer explains the album’s dark and terrifying themes that contrast the jangly dream pop music in a subtle manichean dualism:

“The lyrical content on Oracle is a vision into terror. It represents humanity at its most sadistic and unforgiving: obsession, murder, and alienation. The empathy needed to evolve our species is dwindling. Love is a never-ending game of ideals and uncontrollable sickness. The song “Reasons,” which is probably the most accessible of the bunch, embodies these themes in the vanity of bloodshed. I’ve always been captivated by pop songs that have overtly depressing or contrary lyrical themes that offset the instrumentation and create a dualistic faculty.”

Read the full interview here, and listen to Oracle below:

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