Cologne-based shoegaze duo Suir have released their new album: Not All Of Your Pain Is Self Chosen, out now via This Charming Man Records.

This effort takes a giant leap forward from Suir’s previous work, demonstrating a matured and evolved sound characterized by spherical guitars and energetic drums, enriching their signature cinematic post-punk. The album was shaped by the effects of the pandemic, which left little room for anything other than self-reflection. Fear, worries, self-doubt, but also love and affection are expressed in the ten tracks.

The result is more emotional; a deeper meshing of the songwriting team. Almost all songs were created in a close, joint writing process – and the two band members are often the main character in each other ́s lyrics. Producers Mathew Johnson and Jonny Zoum lent their talents to the creation of the record, forging a new emotional sound aesthetic.

“This might be our darkest record so far,” says vocalist Denis Wanic. “However it has nothing to do with celebrating sadness – we don’t do that. This record is about healing, growing, and changing.

The lead single, “What Is Real?” addresses deception and disappointment of past relationships, self-doubt, and questioning of one’s own perception of reality,” says the band. This ominous tale is peppered with minor chords, hypnotic drums, and eerie repetition. Their rich, velvety sound borders on the psychedelic, bringing to mind Lee Hazlewood, mixed with the early 90s Britpop stylings of alternative bands like Stone Roses, and even early Radiohead. The whipping guitars symbolize an attempt of self-liberation; those baby steps toward healing. This track sets the stage for the vibe of the album in general.

Watch the video below:

Not All Of Your Pain Is Self Chosen is a spellbinding album, that opens strong with the brooding intro track “Haunted,” which gives way to the aforementioned lead single, “What Is Real?”

“Void” is a dirge swept in cinematic melancholia, and “Vampires” is a dark cacophonous nightmare. “Foreign Bood” is a synth requiem that leads into the sombre guitar strumming of “Not Accustomed To Be Hurt.”

“NYC” is spacious and has an atmosphere with a resonating bass drone echoing against a grimy vocal.  “Lust In Fear” is driven by a subtle pulsing bass, spectral guitar drips, and chilling vocals.

“No One Sees” is led by a fatalistic marching drum snare, which guides the album to the languid sorrow of “How It Feels to Feel.”

Listen to, Not All Of Your Pain Is Self Chosen, below and order the album here. Additionally, there is exclusive merch available on Suir’s Bandcamp page.

Suir have also announced a tour in support of the new album; see the dates below:

Suir Live Dates:

  • Oct 22 – Olten (CH) / Güggu Bar Olten
  • Dec 18 – Dresden / Altes Wettbüro
  • Jan 05 – Lille (FR) / La Brat Cave
  • Jan 06 – Brussels (BE) / Le Lac
  • Jan 07 – Detmold / Owls ‘n’ Bats Festival
  • Jan 08 – Berlin / 8MM Bar
  • Jan 10 – Hannover / CAFE GLOCKSEE
  • Jan 11 – Bremen / Kultur im Bunker e.V. – Bremen
  • Jan 12 – Hamburg / MS Stubnitz

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