Twice Dark, a goth, industrial, darkwave solo act from Bloomington, Indiana helmed by musician Josh Kreuzman, announces the release of his sophomore EP Fault Line.

Kreuzman used the pandemic era to hone his craft. He explains the process:

“I use a Korg Kross 2 to sequence drums and synths while I play bass and sing, triggering samples between songs with video projected behind me.” He was joined for this album by drummer Johnny Concannon and multi-instrumentalist Alex Kercheval (Coven, Postal Recording) on guitar. The album was mastered by Postal Recording.

Twice Dark is a classic gothic sound in the vein of Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox, loaded with baritone gravitas, spooky choruses, and catchy hooks, peppered with eerie synth stylings that create a sinister air. The opening track, “Fault Line,” drips with pathos and lamentation. “Fathoms Deep” is a “bloody” good track…if that witch doesn’t spoil the mood! “Mannequin” is a great stomper in the vein of DAF and other early Mute Records offerings. “Sacred Summoning” is a dark incantation with a solid hook.  The album closes on a goofy note with the delightful “Pagan Disco” (which honestly sounds like a blast to me); calling upon everyone to join in the bacchanal: “performing sigils and rites.”

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Twice Dark’s Fault Line EP is out now.

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