Darkwave Duo Cyborg Amok’s sound traverses between light and dark, with gothic-tinged synth music that shimmers with the brilliance of 80s art-rock and pop.

Greg Bullock (poet, musician, music producer, chief songwriter, and synth-player), and drummer Brydon Bullock, who provides backing vocals, announce the release of their forthcoming second studio album Cyborg Amok – Etiam.

“We have attempted to maintain the integrity and brilliance of the original while creating a new take on an old masterpiece.”

The album begins with “Golden Years,” a wistful, mysterious cover of David Bowie’s 1976 single from Station to Station. This new interpretation of the classic track is transmuted into a synth-rock meets gothic folk ballad of living life to its fullest. It’s followed by the eerie “(Some) Sleep Tonight”, a menacing punk-tinged ballad with elements of early Damned.

“Wicked Close” takes things up a notch into a thrilling, sinister dance number in the vein of Ultravox meets Ministry. “Black Well “House (A Ghost Story)” is another atmospheric ballad with a gorgeous hook. This is followed by “Fire Dance,” another banger, while “Toxic 1’s” changes up the vibe slightly with a more Midnight Oil-meets-The Adverts vibe. The album closes with “Iron Clad Heart,” a sludgier dirge with unsettling vocal effects. Overall, a strong effort from the band – a solid sonic identity with passionate lyrics.

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