Ahead of his imminent European tour throughout June and July with ethereal techno and synth chanteuse Zanias, Producer Marc Dwyer aka Buzz Kull has received remixes of tracks by Liars, and SUPERNOVA 1006, and has himself mixed a special synth-laden playlist, featuring some of the best artists of the Goth, Industrial, and Wave scenes old and new.

During last year’s WGT,  while promoting his critically acclaimed second studio LP New Kind of Cross, Dwyer packed the venue at 5 pm with a banging set that kept the high energy going until Boy Harsher, one of the artist’s featured in his mix below, took the stage hours later.

While Buzz Kull is an underground favorite, Dwyer is also not forgotten by his contemporaries, as seen by new interpretations of his album tracks, the first of which is of Liars’ remix of the titular “New Kind of Cross.”

On the remix, Dwyer comments:

“Liars are a band that I grew up on in the early 2000’s and to have Angus work on this remix leaves me speechless, I am still not sure if its a reality. I really look up to Angus and to see the way he supports other artists, especially those in Australia who do not have much of platform to exist on, it really warms my heart..”

Listen below:

The next remix is by Russian electronic music duo SUPERNOVA 1006, who also take a crack at “New Kind of Cross”, which markedly different results, with a dark, rhythmic, and concussive snare.

Of SUPERNOVA 1006 Dwyer recalls:

“The first performance in Russia (St. Petersburg) was in 2018, I had not slept at all, the entire night was little foggy from memory, but I do remember seeing SUPERNOVA 1006 perform, it was abrasive and intense. Andrey has been in touch since meeting that night and I really admire their style of production and cannot wait to hear their new album—Technical Support.”

Listen below:

Dwyer and Zanias will embark on their tour June 1st, with their first date at Klub Kegelbahn in Lucerne, Switzerland.

On touring with Zanias, Dwyer remarks:

“Zanias and I are constantly pushing each other to heighten certain aspects of our live performance. Both being solo artists, it’s nice to be able to share these experiences with someone who can relate to the challenges of performing alone.”

Listen to Buzz Kull’s special Post-Punk.com mix ahead of the tour, and see full dates below.


  • Schwefelgelb – Wie Die Koepfe
  • Luminance – Raised to Forget
  • Ministry – Over the Shoulder
  • Boy Harsher – LA
  • Front Line Assembly – Resist
  • Tzusing – King Of Hosts
  • Parole e azioni – Fais confiance au soldat allemand
  • Enola Gay – Running (Buzz Kull Remix)
  • DSX Sid Lamar – 90 Degrees
  • Rendez-Vous – Workout
  • Multiple Man – High On The Hog
  • Selofan – Ist Die Liebe Tot
  • Qual – Inject Your Mind

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