One of our favorite releases of 2018 was Terremoto’s debut EP The Bridge, a beguiling collection of 5 tracks soaked in old-school post-punk charm, that coalesce with icy guitars combined with a rapid rhythm section, and indie pop vocals that are beyond impressive on standout tracks such as “Mercy”, and “Croatia”.

Working against several time zones and separated by an ocean Terremoto adds a new challenging element of distance to the equation and process of song writing and performance. Overcoming this separation, the band has produced the 12″ EP ‘The Bridge’ featuring 5 upbeat new wave inspired post-punk tracks with parts recorded in Italy, the United States and Australia brought together in production by Phil Calvert (The Birthday Party, Psychedelic Furs, Blue Ruin) and released in Australia on his label Behind The Beat Records in Australia and Symphony of Destruction Records in Europe.

Listen Below:

 Terremoto is Italian-born drummer Giacomo (Odio, Tørsö) synth player and vocalist Chelsey Crowley (Crimson Scarlet), guitarist James Blake (Masses) and bass player Tessa Tribe (Masses, Ubik). Giacomo and Chelsey reside in the Oakland, USA whilst Tessa and James live in Melbourne, Australia. Though the group were all friends prior the band began in the off-time in between Giacomo’s 2017 Australian and South East Asian tour with Odio as a backyard shed jam during some downtime on the tour sans-vocals.

After bringing together the trans-Pacific recordings to create the final product of ‘The Bridge,’ released in 2018, Terremoto are undertaking a West Coast USA tour supported by Bay Area goth-punks Adrenochrome in February and March 2019 to support the release.

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