Nicole Fiorentino is known for her powerful bass playing with Smashing PumpkinsThe Cold and LovelyVeruca Salt and many others. She has recently been unleashing her new project, Bizou, a Los Angeles outfit that blends goth and shades of alternative rock with pop familiarities.

Bizou combines driving post-punk bass with a wall of shimmering shoegaze guitars and shifting scales of synths with the propulsive rhythms of darkwave—all fused together with dreamy vocals reminiscent of Curve, Cranes, Garbage or PJ Harvey.

The band’s new single is the captivating “Superstition”, a song perhaps echoing the band being influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees, who released an album bearing the same name.

Watch the video for “Superstition” below:

Bizou are in fact a super group of sorts, with bassist Nicole Fiorentino being not only a former member of The Smashing Pumpkins, but also indie rock band Light FM, along with that band’s guitarist/vocalist Josiah Mazzaschi, and guitarist Nicki Nevlin, who both join her in Bizou. Also part of this impressive roster is Marisa Prietto, formerly of Wax Idols, and ex Tennis System member Erin Tidwell on drums.

Of the song “Superstition” vocalist Marisa Prietto says:

“One night me and Josiah were digging through demos trying to find something we hadn’t worked on yet, and he pulled up a file called “Black As My Soul”. I had no idea what to do with it vocally for a long time…I had to lock myself in my room for a couple days with it. The lyrics are about anxiety. The way it makes you paranoid and unreliable, especially to yourself. It all sort of spewed out of me suddenly, like a real panic attack. You know, light fun stuff!”

Pick up “Superstition” and other tracks by Bizou via Bandcamp.

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