Following the release of there 1st single “Sextons”, Australian post-punk act City Rose have sonically invoked a remarkable intensity with the whole of their tempestuous debut EP—brimming with booming bass, crashing drums, guitars clanging with ferocious intensity—all overlaid with languid and poetically brooding vocals.

City Rose was formed in mid-2017 by Pat McCarthy (Bass) and Andrew Exten (Vocals), two Sydney with thy-siders whose aim was to create an expressive ensemble sharing similar creative, musical, literary and conceptual interests; and ultimately fill what they viewed as a void in the Sydney music scene. A view shared by Lucy Howroyd (Drums) and Hunter Auzins (Guitar) who quickly joined the band, consolidating its core.

After sharing bills with many of Australia’s premier underground acts, in early 2019 City Rose went on to support IDLES on their first Australian sold-out tour, which was followed by some significant showcases at Australia’s music festival BIGSOUND in Brisbane.

Sady, as the saying goes, “it’s better to burn out than to fade away”, and this remarkable record is the Sydney Group’s first and last after their powerful live performances burned bright over the past three years, giving way to the band dissolving after a gig Melbourne’s sold-out Weird Place Festival at The Tote on October 19th 2019.

Luckily, before their demise, the band went on to record their self-titled debut with Tim Powles of The Church as producer and engineer, as his home studio.

The resulting four songs are raw and transcendent with a wide dynamic range and frenetic energy honed to a razor’s edge.

Listen to City Roses’ debut EP below:

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