Brooklyn-based progressive synth and dark trip-hop artists FUTURE ENEMIES and CZARINA have released their effervescent and emotionally charged collaboration track “Left Unsaid”.

The song, produced by FUTURE ENEMIES with lyrics and vocals provided by CZARINA, poignantly captures the sliver of time between the end of one chapter and beginning anew. Encapsulated in a unique blend of downtempo yet severe synths, carrying lush and ethereal vocals, the song invokes touching poetry that crescendos into thunderous intensity.

The video, rendered almost entirely monochrome, is a collaboration born from the limitations of social distancing, forcing unique creative choices and yielding powerful images that belie their simplicity.

Watch the video below:

FUTURE ENEMIES and CZARINA have been longtime collaborators and co-producers. For her debut record, CZARINA had FUTURE ENEMIES lead the production and sound design on her marquee track “Silence & Surrender (Neon).”

FUTURE ENEMIES is the guise of Brooklyn-based music producer Joe Peretore. After nearly two decades producing and mixing various local artists (and getting to audition for Nine Inch Nails in the process), Peretore created this solo project to leverage harsh synth tones and trip hop-inspired beats that add up to something dark, ethereal and unforgettable. For the latest updates, visit

CZARINA (formally styled as C Z A R I N A) is Vero Faye Kitsune, an award-winning synth and electronic artist, songwriter, producer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. CZARINA has captured recognition for her uniquely stylish performances and dynamic approach to songwriting, production, and audio-visual creative direction.

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“Left Unsaid” is also available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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