[dropcap]V[/dropcap]elvet Condom may be no more, but from it’s ashes comes Liste Noire, who retain the crown of being one of Berlin’s best NDW inspired bands.  In fact, they have even provided music to the recent documentary on 80’s West Berlin entitled B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989.

Photo by Stephanie Herve

Premiering on Post-Punk.com today is their latest video for a track called Afire Afire:

Afire Afire is a an anthem for escapism. It’s our first track released as Liste Noire. You could possibly compare it to being kind of like the first tracks on New Order’s “Movement”.  It s still Velvet Condom—but it s already an open gate to exploring new horizons. The video aims to be closer to a video art installation than conventional video by capturing the projections of a live video performance of us being filmed while performing the track behind the panels.

The shooting of Afire Afire has been an experimental ride, as we couldn’t practice with the video installation before the shooting day—so we had to improvise a lot due to the technical conditions and the all the possibilities the video installation offered. It was a subtle marriage between a band, a video artist and a film crew, which challenged us all of us—but which turned out to become an unexpected  and quite astonishing work. In the end, it was a DIY production—but this is how we work best apparently…

Liste Noire

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