[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere is the video for the debut single from the new Parisian coldwave band ICESUN, featuring Fate Fatale (The Deep Enyde) on guest vocals.

A few years ago, I was playing bass in a french dark band called Violet Stigmata. After Nico, our singer that was also my best friend, died in a car crash, that band ended. So, I took a break from music for many years and stopped playing. 

Then in early 2013, I took my good old Rickenbacker bass and wrote some music in my bedroom in Paris. I bought a cheap mic and I recorded a first series of songs on an old 8 track recorder. Then I asked Fred, my old band mate from Violet Stigmata, to record some guitars for me. He finally joined the band full time. We also have Laurent, from the trip-hop french act That Obscure Object Of Desire. He’s the main producer behind the band. 

We have recorded a dozen of songs that will be released as an album later this year (titled “Heartquake”). The songs are inspired by very intimate issues such as the failure of a love relationship, autodestruction, regrets, feeling oppressed by the city I live as well as the tensions between the human beings in our selfish modern society. Musically, there are elements of darkwave, coldwave, post-punk and a glimpse of martial/neofolk flavor. “The Toxic In Me” is the first single from the record and probably the most darkwave sounding. It features Fate Fatal (The Deep Eynde/A Million Machines). He is a close friend of mine since I met him and hang out a couple of times in Los Angeles.

The song is about the toxicity of a huge grey city like Paris, and the video was shot around where I live—one of the dirtiest places of the city. It was also filmed right after the latest terrorist attacks in Paris.

Thomas Mafrouche

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