“No Yeah, I’m fine…” writes on its head this brand new shining bullet ‘Bad Form’  which was fired by Chicago’s post-punks Ganser! The band from Illinois suddenly released their brand new single on July 23 with a gorgeous video too. Ganser may be a relatively newer band in the pitch, but their intent is already marked through dedicated media coverage and the radio play both in N.America and overseas in Europe.

Ganser plays that tensed and utterly groovy No Wave oriented post-punk style, whose revival is certainly is certainly popular at the moment. Recently the band has recorded material over the past six months towards their second album, following last year’s full-length debut LP Odd Talk, which saw favorable coverage.

“When you’re in the middle of writing and recording, it’s very easy to fall into extreme feelings of guilt over procrastination, when you’re already stretched thin,” says bassist and vocalist Alicia Gaines, a very honest quote which seemingly describes the whole groove of the song. “It’s nice to operate as a team, and act as a unit that can take the burden of some really ugly inner talk,” adds the keyboardist and vocalist of Ganser, Nadia Garofalo.

In the video, there is a paralyzing blinding light, augmented by quick cuts and surreal vignettes that communicate the wishful thinking of being someone else, running in circles to no end.

Watch the video below:

The video was directed by Kirsten Miccoli & Ganser, with the cinematography also by Kirsten Miccoli, edited by Ganser, and it features the band, Monica Bahr, Liz Harvey, and Benji Morino. As it all looks we have a pretty creative and a very strong troupe in here!

See Ganser hit the stage on Sunday, September 15. at the 15th annual  Riot Fest in Chicago.

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