Today Dutch artists Bragolin and Adam Tristar have released their first single “The End Dwells In Us All”—a collaboration that heralds their upcoming album Let Out The Noise Inside which promises the danceable and electronic sound of Adam Tristar combined with the dark atmosphere and vocals of Bragolin. This is not to be a split release, but a true collaboration in composing every song on the forthcoming LP:

The album’s first single “The End Dwells In Us All” has been performed live by Bragolin since Waveteef Festival, with Adam Tristar joining them on stage there, and also at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen.

The album version had its debut on Neon Decay radio last week, followed by the release of the music video today.

The music video was made by Camy Huot (who worked on other Bragolin videos previously) utilizing footage of Hitchock’s Psycho, which was the inspiration for this song.

Watch “The End Dwells In Us All” below:

In August the full album will be released, available digitally, on CD and vinyl via Bandcamp and Young & Cold Records.

Each song on the album was written and recorded by Edwin van der Velde (Bragolin) and Daniel Spiekerman (Adam Tristar) with instruments played by both with Edwin writing the lyrics and providing vocals for the majority of the songs.

This is the second album for both bands. Bragolin released their debut album I Saw Nothing Good So I Left in 2018. Adam Tristar also released its debut in 2018, called The Red Pill. Both debut albums were also released on Young & Cold Records.

Pre-Order’s for Let Out The Noise Inside began next week.

In the upcoming months, Bragolin will play at Kalabalik på Tyrolen, Return to the Batcave, and will tour Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

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