[dropcap]Leyla[/dropcap] Records head Chafik Chennouf has his fingers to the pulse and feet aligned to the kicks of today’s dark techno and industrial in this mix he has so graciously provided for us at Post-Punk.com. The playlist is an hour long beginning with Codex Empire—weaving together tracks from Sarin, The Hacker, Function, Adam X, Regis, and moreclosing with Fixmer/McCarthy’s Destroy. This is an essential Berlin mix.

Here is some background information of Leyla Records:

Leyla is a brand new label based in Amsterdam and founded on a love of techno. Leyla is the natural evolution of what Surgeon and Regis achieved with their British Murder Boys project over ten years ago. Leyla is uncompromising but also accessible, light and dark.

In Arabic and Hebrew Leyla means darkness, but it’s also the name of countless princesses. She practiced occult rituals, worshipped the Sun and Saturn and stood for the authenticity of pre-humanist populations. She is the dark ages but she is also enlightenment. The dual roots of the name are represented in the label’s music and in its visual design, which takes its cue from the occult. The desire is to recapture the authentic feeling of techno from a specific era while retaining a modern touch. The old and the new. Now and then.

Leyla is about taking inspiration from a wide range of styles and places – industrial, folk, electro, Amsterdam, London, Berlin – and bringing it all together for a new generation.
We all have pivotal moments in our youth that anchor us throughout life. We return to these anchors at various times of need. Music is one of these anchors, the sounds that affected us most deeply in our formative years are the ones we return to time and again.

Leyla was founded by Chafik Chennouf, a man with over ten years experience in the electronic world as a DJ, producer, promoter and label owner. Chennouf first began collecting techno in the late 1990s, focusing on the sounds coming out of Birmingham. A few years later he helped bring some of the scene’s key artists, like Inigo Kennedy, to Holland for the first time, even doing early live broadcasts on international and local online platforms. Today Chennouf is going back to his roots to focus on the techno he loved and give it a platform to grow.

And so Leyla is born to represent new potentials for techno, with knowledge of its roots and an eye to the future.”

Find Leyla Records on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp


1. Codex Empire – Hessdalen
2. Black Devil Disco Club & Cocknbullkid – In Doubt ( Mondkopf remix)
3. Stonith – Mort Vivant
4. Sarin – AIM 54C
5. Gesloten Cirkel – Chasing Away The Night
6. Fire At Work – Inhumani
7. The Hacker – Pure Energy
8. Thomas P. Heckmann – El Hazzared
9. Domenico Crisci – Alte Tanz
10. Qoso – Laphroaig
11. Electro Generator Group – To Believe ( Al Ferox remix)
12. The Hacker – Eurocold ( Terence Fixmer remix)
13. Syncom Data & Saara Soini – Rumpukone
14. Jerome Hill – Rump
15. Function – Semantics
16. Svreca – Overgang
17. Sawf – Rota
18. MRTVI – Rituel Sonore
19. Adam X – Rebellion In 2071
20. Opal – Delta Waves
21. Stave – Circle Pit
22. Tuomas Rantanen – Stigma
23. UVB – A Body Anthem
24. Gaja – A2
25. Regis – Weakness ( Somers Forge remix)
26. Traversable Wormhole – Sublight Velocities
27. The Horrorist – Now Destructor
28. Greg Gow & Gareth Whitehead – Vacant ( Silent Servant remix)
29. Ionic Vision – Die Macht ( Millimetric remix)
30. Impulse Controls – Devour
31. Stamba – Bark Number
32. Terence Fixmer & Douglas McCarthy – Destroy


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