Sweden’s Peter Out Records has released their second compilation, which is fantastic and well-balanced blend of guitar and synth-wave Post-Punk in 13 tracks from 9 different countries.

Standout tracks are the Cranes like Shoegaze of The Low Sea with “Berlin”, the languid electro-pop of the Cosmetics with “Black Candy”, the bewitching Sally Dige with her beguiled single “Forget Me”, The Harrow with their hit “Violets” exclusive to the compilation, and XTR human, who have just released their debut album on No Emb Blanc, with their groovy and entrancing track, “Millers Love”.

Indeed, DJ Henrik Leander has crafted quite an impressive and cohesive compilation, one which a lazy person could play start to finish while spinning a party, and no one would complain as the dancefloor would probably be packed.

Check out the video for Sally Dige’s “Forget Me” above, and order your copy of this limited edition compilation now before it sells out!

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